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Restaurants and foods in Puerto Morelos

Restaurants in Mexico like all other countries will be good according to everyone’s tastes. A little travel advice. When you want to choose a local restaurant always look if there are a lot of local people or more tourists, personally I always choose restaurants where there are a lot more local people. 

The villagers know better than anyone where there is good fresh food and in addition you will discover typical food, but that is my personal taste!!!! Of course, sometimes I let myself be tempted by the location with a view of the ocean, but when I find both, well, that becomes my spot. 

So I start with my spot

Pelicanos & Marina

This restaurant is facing the sea with a nice little marina. This restaurant is frequented by many Mexicans and also by many tourists. The food is good and specializes with seafood. Their tangy salsa is dynamite. They also offer North American style breakfasts.

Punta Corcho

This is the favorite restaurant of one of our Mexican friends. The menu is quite varied with a nice relaxed atmosphere. Located on the main square upstairs, at the corner of the street you will find the entrance between 2 souvenir stands and in front of the restaurant El Pelicanos

Al Chimichurri

You have a very good choice of meat cooked on the coals. It is the favorite choice of one of our Quebec friends. There are tables set up on the sidewalk but there is also an interior courtyard. On the other hand, it is possible that your table neighbor smokes a cigarette or cigar.

El pirata

If you like eating in a festive atmosphere with fairly loud music, you won’t be disappointed. You will probably have the chance to meet someone from your country because there are a lot of tourists. The food is very decent.

You have a very large choice of restaurant in Puerto Morelos, whether in the more typical village or on the beach. So I’ll let you discover them  by yourself.

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